December 08, 2004


I've been invited to speak at a workshop orgainsed by the JISC IESR in January.

The JISC IESR - the Information Environment Service Registry - is all about collection and service descriptions. I find the development of collection descriptions an interesting area. It probably stems from my dealings with the RIDING project many years ago at Leeds and Sheffield universities!

I'm particularly interested in their application when it comes to electronic resources. Is there such a thing as a generic description? and what is their true application?

The way I see it is that every electronic resource is being described on web sites and in metasearch tools by libarians all over the world so there must be a need to share those descriptions, but would you take a generic description and then change it? So is it as simple as a download, or is their a more complex need to share?

I guess I better figure it out before the workshop in January!


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