September 08, 2004

The wrong browsers

For the sake of an interesting title I'm frivolously drawing parallels between the mechanical trousers of the animation film and Internet Explorer, Wallace is any IE user and the fiendish penguin is Microsoft. The diamond that the penguin tries to steal, using the mechanical trousers, is total domination of the browser market. When Wallace, out of control, cries out something like 'It's the wrong trousers, Grommit', that's the user getting hit through a security loophole in IE. A couple of weeks ago I came across discussion on Slashdot about ditching IE due mainly to security concerns. This led me to look up the Mozilla Firefox browser: It sounded so good I had to try it, so I downloaded it to my PC at home (very easily) and set it as my default browser. It imported all my bookmarks and history and I haven't missed anything from IE yet. The built in pop-up blocking and Google search only replicate what I had added to IE from Google, but I really like the tabbed browsing (keeping multiple pages open on tabs). And its less vulnerable to all the nasties that are lurking on the Web. Now I'm using it at work, too. The security issue must be a concern for libraries running IE. I'll be looking out for any news of libraries switching away from IE.