January 13, 2005

RSS is not just another TLA

The quiet appearance of those three letters RSS on the scene back in 1999 was not an earth shattering event, but the uses to which the technology is now being put are growing by the day.

It gave rise to the now infamous podcasting last summer, which allows the automatic download of [or 'tuning in' to] Internet broadcasts or 'Podcasts'. So when you want to listen to your favourite hour of the week, it is already loaded on to your iPod or PC drive.

At Talis, as part of Project Bluebird, we are researching the usefulness of RSS as a way of alerting library users to events that take place in their library account.

The Tony Hammond article in D-Lib on the Role of RSS in Science Publishing and the recent announcement from IngentaConnect of:

in excess of 20,000 new RSS feeds containing the latest table of contents data for the academic journals that are still being actively loaded into our databases. Like our friends at Nature

Now MSN have release a Beta version of RSS Feeds for Search Results. So enter a search into your RSS reader and get alerted when new results turn up!

Cool, so now applying that idea to the library world it won't be long before an OPAC is brought to its knees with all its users' RSS readers polling their favourite subject search for new items!

Whence RSS next?


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