March 18, 2005

Changing role of public libraries

I've come across some research that deserves a wider hearing - an article published in the Journal of Documentation Vol 60, No.6, 2004, p.632-652by Douglas Grindlay and Anne Morris has researched the causes of declining borrowing in UK libraries.

The strong conclusion is that increasing personal affluence is the single direct cause of decreasing issue figures.

This should be factored in to thinking about the future role of libraries - the mandate for their existence is changing away from issuing books.


Blogger James said...

I think the accessibility of libraries needs to be much improved, I know that since I realised Edinburgh Public Libraries allow online reservation of items for any library and you can choose any library as a collection point, my usage has increased significantly, as the amount of material that become easily accessible increases from just your local library to the all the cities libraries. The need for accessibility is not just an online issue though. They need to be easier signs of where materials are located and catalogue terminals within libraries, drop boxes for out of hours returns. Looking at similar commerical enterprises there are plenty of ideas which could be borrowed.

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Blogger Roberto Iza said...

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