March 24, 2005

Podcasting from Open Stacks

I've just been listening to Greg Schwartz's of Open Stacks Podcast [mp3] on his experiences at the CIL show from last week.

Apart from him being deserving of our sympathy, he was obviously suffering from 'Man Flu' throughout the event, his insight on what he saw was interesting as well. Not just the presentations but the buzz around the show, and his observations on the communities of users who's radar we need to get the Library to show up on.

The main reason I'm blogging this is because its great to see libraries entering the world of Podcasting. Since the coming of Podcasting and rewritable CD's, my car journey home from the office has been a far more informative, interesting, and entertaining experience. (Yes I'm one of the few on the planet without an iPod)

People like Greg, and the guys from IT Conversations [btw I wonder what has happened to the mostly excellent Gillmor Gang, they appear to have fallen off the planet] have opened my eyes & mind to loads of things relevant, but not necessarily directly connected, to what we all do and think about.

Dave Errington, Talis CEO, in his keynote at the Talis Insight Conference last November predicted that Podcasting, along with IM, RSS, Blogging, etc. will start to gain greater influence in our world. Its great to see his prediction coming true so soon.

Anyway back to the cause of this posting. Well done Greg keep it up. Hope you get to Internet Librarian in October and Podcast from there, and maybe we get to meet up.


Blogger Greg said...

Thanks for the kind words. Comments like yours make doing the show worthwhile.

Sadly, I will not be at Internet Librarian this year, but I'm talking to some of the conference organizers about ways I could participate remotely.

My wife would probably agree with your assessment of "Man Flu."

5:44 pm  
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