April 03, 2005

Panlibus has moved

We're now hosting our own blogging site at Talis.

Panlibus continues at http://blogs.talis.com/panlibus/

To help you stay tuned, here's the new location of the panlibus RSS feed: http://www.talis.com/blogs/panlibus/index.xml

April 01, 2005

Mobile Search - OpenSearch - RSS - Folksonomies - AJAX: When worlds collide

Now there is a title to conjure with, what was drifting through my consciousness when that one formed out of the mist! Well in simple terms lots of stuff. More exactly lots of apparently disparate stuff that seems to naturally gravitate together:

So what's with the gravity then?

The Mobile Search discussion is based around the prediction that we will soon be carrying around the equivalent of a Web Server, full of contacts, info, photos, music, video, calendar, etc. in our pockets. With always on networks, it could behave like one.

To link everyone's pockets together [those that want to be anyway] is a classic folksonomy situation, with a dose of IM presence added in.

So how do I get to that info, or more importantly know it is there, or get alerted to change.

RSS, OpenSearch, and whatever they give birth to, that's how.

That vision needs some routing through central resources like A9 or Flickr or bloglines or a corporate MS Exchange server or del.icio.us or whatever. Those services will know about the stuff and where it is but not necessarily need to store it.

This is where AJAX comes in, by using this type of technology your user interface could be serenely displaying simple information to you on your pocket screen, or PC whilst behind the scenes it would be paddling like crazy aggregating access to what you are interested in.

What are the benefits of that then? You'll soon have as much computing power in your pocket as NASA would have been prowd of a few years back, so it will be possible to carry out the processing required close to where it is needed. The data [your data] will be kept together where it is most relevant, with you. Your local device will only go and get something when it needs it, not having to download the whole planet to search for it.

Far fetched? Only time, but not that much of it, will tell!